The Centennial Lakes Police Department provides law enforcement and safety services to the Cities of Lexington, Circle Pines, and Centerville, Minnesota.  Our Department represents a joint powers agreement among the three cities.  We are overseen by a Governing Board which is made up of the mayor and a council member from each city.    

The Centennial Lakes Police Department is a highly professional, innovative, and problem oriented policing agency that is continually striving to improve the level of service that we provide to our citizens.  We take great pride in our Department and in our profession.  We strive to create an environment that fosters partnerships with our three cities, and we seek new and innovative methods to better serve our constituents.  This website is a reflection of that effort.    

As you navigate through our website, you will learn of our mission and values, our history, how we are organized, what programs and opportunities we offer, and our approach to policing.  We hope that you find our website both interesting and informative.


       “Serving with Courage and Compassion”

The Mission of the Centennial Lakes Police Department is to serve the Cities of Circle Pines, Centerville, and Lexington in a collaborative effort to enhance the quality of life of our citizens through crime prevention, problem-solving, equitable enforcement of laws, promotion of safety, and community-oriented policing.
We are committed to organizational excellence and we are dedicated to carrying out our Mission with pride, courage, compassion, integrity, and professionalism.  Our motto of Serving with Courage and Compassion reflects the mission of our agency.

The Centennial Lakes Police Department is now accepting applications for a full-time Police Officer positions.    Click HERE for more information.

Last updated Monday, July 8, 2024
Centennial Lakes Police Department - 54 North Road - Circle Pines, MN 55014
Office: 763.784.2501 - Fax: 763.784.0082 - Dispatch/911: 763.427.1212