Police Reserves

The Centennial Lakes Police Reserve Unit has been established to complement and support sworn Officers of the Centennial Lakes Police Department. Police Reserves perform volunteer services and assist full-time Officers protecting and serving our communities of Circle Pines, Centerville, and Lexington. Tasks performed are those permitted by law and authorized by the Police Chief including patrolling neighborhoods and parks, controlling traffic and crowds at crashes and events, assisting Officers with inventory of impounded vehicles, and securing crime scenes.

Each reserve Officer must successfully pass the departments Field Training program. This training includes legal issues, radio usage, use of force, traffic control, and first aid.

In 2021, the Reserve Unit volunteered almost 310 hours of their time to the department. Twenty former Reserve Officers have gone on to careers in law enforcement. Some have remained with Centennial Lakes while others have been employed with other state,

county, and local departments.

The minimum requirements to become a CLPD Reserve Officer include being at least 18 years of age, be a high school graduate and have a clean criminal background.

Those interested in serving their communities as a Centennial Lakes Reserve Officer may download the application found on this site. Questions about the program can be directed to Detective Katy Mannin at kmannin@clpdmn.com.

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