History of the Centennial Lakes Police Department

In the late 1940’s, Herman Heath became the first day-time Constable for Circle Pines. City Councilmen took turns providing policing duty at night. After formation of the village, a "one-man" police department was formed. The Village of Circle Pines acquired an ambulance/squad car to patrol and to transport injured or ill residents the many miles to the nearest hospital.

In 1954, Joseph Matzke became the first Lexington police officer. Officer Matzke was paid $10 per month to cover gas and other expenses, plus he received a portion of the fines assessed for infractions of ordinance.

As early as 1965, a joint police force was discussed between Lexington and Circle Pines. It wasn’t until 1975 that a joint powers agreement was adopted by the two cities creating a combined police department. The police department was governed by a commission, rather than directly by the two city councils. Ronald Nicholas became the first Chief of the Circle Pines-Lexington Police Department.

The department, consisting of four officers, was first housed in a portioned-off corner of the Circle Pines "fire barn". Part-time officers were later added to extend coverage. All officers shared one police patrol car, a 1973 Plymouth inherited from the City of Lexington.

In 1978, the police department moved from the fire barn to an office in the shopping area of 9201 Lexington Avenue. In June of 1986, the department moved again, this time into the lower level of the new Circle Pines City Hall.

In 1991, the Circle Pines-Lexington Police Department began providing contracted police protection to Centerville. In December of 1999, a Joint Powers Agreement was completed, and on January 1, 2000, a tri-city "Centennial Lakes Police Department" was formed to provide law enforcement and safety services to the cities of Centerville, Circle Pines, and Lexington.

In 2006, a new police station was built on the corner of North Road and Lake Drive in Circle Pines. Today the Centennial Lakes Police Department is comprised of 17 sworn officers and 6 civilians who are fully dedicated to providing quality service to our three cities. Exceptional personnel, a low crime rate, public confidence in our ability and integrity, policies and practices in accord with national standards, and innovative problem-solving and outreach programs are just a few of our noteworthy accomplishments.

We take great pride in our entire community, our department, and in our commitment to protect and serve the citizens of the cities of Centerville, Circle Pines, and Lexington.

Patch #1



An old Circle Pines-Lexington PD Patch.

Patch #2



An updated version of the CPLPD patch that was worn up til the department reorganized in 2000.

Patch #3



CLPD's patch that was worn from 2000 up until 2012.

Current CLPD Patch



Our current patch. The inner circle of the patch is surrounded by the names of the three cities served by CLPD; the four sections of the inner circle symbolize patriotism (the American flag), justice (the scales of justice), courage (the lion), and solidarity (the thin blue line).  The circle is surrounded by an outline of the State of Minnesota with the word “Police” prominently appearing across the top of the patch and Centennial Lakes noted at the bottom.

Centennial Lakes Police Department - 54 North Road - Circle Pines, MN 55014
Office: 763.784.2501 - Fax: 763.784.0082 - Dispatch/911: 763.427.1212