Crime Prevention Through Yard Design

With the warmer weather fast approaching, citizens are starting to spruce up the outside of their homes and do that much needed spring cleaning. It is important that foliage in your front yard doesn't block your address numbers.

Some other things to consider when adding bushes and shrubs are the height they will grow to. Some foliage may be very beautiful to look at; however, when it is overgrown it can be an invitation for criminals. Imagine a criminal outside of your house at 2:00 AM. Overgrown bushes and shrubs present a great opportunity for them to hide behind and move from yard to yard with ease. Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design is a program developed by citizens and law enforcement to offer advice on how the design of your yard can make your home safer. One step that is strongly suggested is to plant shrubs and bushes that grow no taller than 3 feet high. This way, you can see your yard more clearly. Another thing to consider is that your neighbors will also be able to see into your yard more clearly. The idea is for neighbors to be able to better watch out for one another as well.

The following are shrubs that have been recommended for citizens:

- Crimson Pygmy Barberry
- Gooseberry
- Globe Peashrub
- Kalm St John's Wart
- Alpine Currant
- Gold Drop Potentilla
- Japanese White Spirea
- Hetz Midget Arborvitae
- Arcadia Juniper
- Canby's Pachistima
- Japanese Dwarf Yew
- Cranberry Cottoneaster
- Korean Littleleaf
- Dwarf Bush Honeysuckle
- Raspberry
- Genista
- New Jersey Tea
- Sartent's Juniper
- Dwarf European Cranberry
- Japgarden Juniper

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