Auto Theft/Theft From Auto Prevention

Auto Theft/Theft from Auto Prevention Tips:


Every year, we receive numerous reports of vehicles being broken into and/or vehicles being stolen. Auto theft can be prevented. Here is a list of tips to prevent this from happening to you:


-          Always take your vehicle’s key with you; do not leave keys inside or on your vehicle


-          Close and lock all windows and doors when you leave your vehicle, even if it is parked in front of your home


-          Whenever possible, park in well-lit, high-traffic areas


-          Never leave valuables in your vehicle, especially if they can be seen from outside of the vehicle. This includes personal identification documents, vehicle ownership title, or credit cards


-          Never leave your vehicle running while unattended, even just to run inside a business or to “warm up” your vehicle, etc.


-          Copy your license plate and VIN number down and keep the information with you. If your vehicle is stolen, the police will need this information to take a report


-          If your vehicle or license plate(s) is stolen, report it to the police immediately- call 911 or the Anoka County Dispatch non-emergency number at 763-427-1212


-          Don’t leave your garage door opener on the dashboard, visor or anywhere in plain view. Put it in your glove box, hide it or take it with you. Criminals can gain access to your garage, and potentially inside your home if they are able to access your garage door opener. Criminals may not access the garage right away, and could come back at another time to enter your garage/home if they’ve obtained your garage door opener.







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