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The Centennial Lakes Police Department’s office is open from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday (excluding holidays). 


Police Reports


Copies of police reports can be obtained from the Records Department during normal business hours.  You have the option to email or request in person a police report.  Copies of reports classified as “public” will be released.  There is a fee of 25 cents per page (cash or check) if you pick up the report in person.  An additional fee will be charged for photographs and/or other supplemental data.  Reports classified as “private” will only be released to the subject of the data; who must show proper identification, sign a Request for Information form, and pay 25 cents per page (cash or check).  Any report that is under investigation is considered “confidential” and will not be released. 


Please allow two to five days from the date of the incident before requesting copies.  This is to allow for report preparation, transcription, data processing and filing time.   You may find it helpful to call first to insure that your report is ready (763-784-2501).


Accident Reports


Accident reports written by a police officer can be released to the driver involved, passenger, vehicle owner, owner of damaged property and insurance company (with signed authorization from driver or vehicle owner).  You may find it helpful to call first to insure that your report is ready (763-784-2501). 


Release of Property


Conditions of release of property held by the Centennial Lakes Police Department will differ depending on the reason the property is being held.  Property that is being held as evidence cannot be released until the Prosecutor’s Office or the City Attorney has authorized the release.  An appointment with the Evidence Room Officer will be necessary once the authorization has been received.  Found property can be released to the owner with appropriate proof of ownership. Weapons seized for safekeeping (as in domestic or emergency medical situations) will be held until cleared by the investigating officer.  If firearms are seized, a background check will be done prior to the firearm’s release. 


Release of Impounded Vehicles


Vehicles impounded by the Centennial Lakes Police Department will require a release signed by an officer or PD staff member prior to retrieving the vehicle from the tow facility. Vehicles will only be released to the registered owner.  Registered owners must appear in person at the Police Department with valid identification (driver’s license or state identification card).  The vehicle owner may authorize another person to claim the vehicle by notarized letter. The letter must include the name and driver’s license number of the person authorized to pick up the vehicle as well as a description of the vehicle including license plate or vehicle identification number (VIN).  If the registered owner does not have a valid driver’s license, he must be accompanied by a person who is valid to drive.  That person will be identified on the release as the only individual authorized to drive the vehicle from the tow facility.


Vehicles must have current registration and must be insured prior to being driven from the tow facility.  Otherwise, vehicles must be removed from the tow facility via flatbed at the owners expense.  


Tow Facility
Twin Cities Transport and Recovery

3760 Flowerfield Road
Blaine, MN  55014





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